terms & conditions




The team fee shall be fully paid up no later than 60 days prior to the given event. The fee is non-refundable. All other outstanding costs, e.g. individual player’s fee, are to be balanced no later than 14 days prior to the given event. The team shall bear all and any cost associated with the money transfer. Shall the above not be met the team shall be denied participation in the tournament as well as any other services.

For all payments issued in EUR the Czech National Bank’s conversion rate of the day on which the money was credited to the Prague Sport’s account will be applied.



Prague Sports guarantees a minimum number of games to be played by a team in a given tournament. The number of game days is subject to change depending on the final number of teams in a tournament. Necessary amendments to the game schedule may be made as a result of severe weather conditions.

Shall a team fail to present itself to a duly scheduled game it shall be expelled from further participation in the tournament. Its remaining games may be completed outside of competition.



For all events held in Prague transfer from and to the Prague Airport is an integral part of the player package covered by the individual player’s fee. However, Prague Sports guarantees no more than 3 rides per team each way. Further rides are available upon request and subject to charge.

Prague Sports provides medical first aid at the playing venue. Teams/players are responsible for any other cost associated with medical assistance and or treatment. Prague Sports strongly recommends all players enter suitable travel and medical insurance policy prior to arrival to the tournament. Prague Sports rejects all and any responsibility for players’ insurance policies.


We wish to thank all our clients for understanding and compliance with the terms & conditions above. Your cooperation helps us to make our event the most enjoyable experience for all involved.

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