social events

Scenic steamboat cruise, Thu 6/14

All players and torney affiliates are invited to a scenic boat cruise on the Vltava River on Thursday night. We will be embarking steamboat Vyšehrad, docking at Rašínovo nábřeží at 8pm. After an approx. 90 minutes cruise (including sights of the Prague castle and the Charles bridge) the boat will dock while the on the deck party shall take off.


Beach volleyball challenger, Fri 6/15

Starting at 5pm the beach volleyball courts at Hostivař lake are all ours. Be there! Be it for the action or the beer.


The party in "The Pub", Sat 6/16

Starting at 8pm we are looking at a tasty buffet style dinner followed by a "tap your own beer" drinking competition in a stylish downtown - Pilsner Urquell concept - restaurant (The Pub, Hálkova 6, Prague 2 - Each table has it's own tap. Table's "score" is recorded and matched against tables in all dozen The Pubs around the country. May the best table win!


Closing ceremony, Sun 6/17

A quick'n'snappy, yet august, ceremony will take place immediately after the men's final at the field. Be ready in the stands wearing your team colors.

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